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Tips For Traveling To South Korea

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Traveling To South Korea

Traveling to South Korea and would like to know very well what to anticipate? Enthusiastic about the food and when you have to tip? In this article you will discover lots of valuable information covering every aspect of visiting South Korea.

Everything that vaccines do I desire for South Korea?

You need to look for medical health advice from the local medical doctor earlier before Traveling To South Korea and make sure you get all of the proper vaccines.

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As a advise Typhoid, Diphtheria and Tetanus are honestly advised.

Should I require anti-malaria medicine when Traveling To South Korea?

You will find a small to no risk of malaria in South Korea and for that reason anti-malarials usually are not necessary.

anti-malaria medicine when Traveling To South Korea

But, Japan encephalitis could be carried from many other insects in rural areas and there’s a chance of Dengue fever in certain regions of the country so it’s important to stay away from mosquito bites.

It is possible by resting under the safety of a mosquito net and also by using a strong mosquito repellent that contains a minimum of 50{b5963bcb0e7f4a3eb411e14cdbc4f6211b98231669ed6c0261e4e1ebc4b28d61} DEET.

For additional health information about Traveling To South Korea go to the National health service.

Is it risk-free to drink city water in South Korea?

Even though city water in South Korea is said safe to consume, nearly all Koreans tend to drink pure or water in bottles in fact since they report that city water comes with an unpleasant, chemical scent.

tap water in South Korea

Drinking water is easily on the market across the country so there is no need to drink city water if you don’t wish to. Plain tap water need to be acceptable for cleaning your teeth.

What’s the food in South Korea?

Mostly based on noodles, rice, tofu, fruit and vegetables as well as meat, Korean food is tasty and healthy.

Traditionally with primary foods a quantity of side meals are served named banchan, the most famous of these being kimchi.

Kimchi is a traditional fermented meal making use of fresh vegetables, usually cabbage, onions, cucumbers or radish and flavoured with ginger, salt, gochujang and garlic, a fermented spicy pepper paste, it could have a very salty, hot and spicy taste.


A special is the Korean barbeque which often consists of chicken and meat.

The food are usually prepared at the diner’s table on a propane or charcoal grill constructed into the centre.

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The best favorite dishes served is galbi, beef short ribs, normally marinated in spices or herbs before cooking.

In specialist restaurants the customer can prepare meal their own food to their taste while dining, with a waitress available to offer you assistance.

Additional food really worth trying are the bulgogi, marinated beef dished up with cuts of pepper, onion and garlic.

Seolleongtang is also very famous and is dished up with slices of meat, green onions with noodles or rice.

Healthy eating while Traveling To South Korea

South Korea is a nicely developed destination and eating at restaurants is mostly very healthy, with minimal potential for sickness or food harming.

Restaurants are okay to eat in but be careful of any which are unclean.

As well, dog beef remains common with several Korean restaurants so if this doesn’t interest you, ensure you ask before you’ll take a seat to enjoy foods.

Street food are normally good however, if the food doesn’t seem right or looks a bit out of date, stay away from it.

Is it normal to tip in South Korea?

It’s not necessarily to tip in South Korea and very few persons in the service business expects to be tipped.

You could also be considering tipping your tour guide if they have been really informative and also have provided an outstanding trip.

What is best for shop for in South Korea?

Regarded a shopper’s paradise, best buys can be purchased in South Korea on footwear, apparel, leather-based products, cotton, antique items, totes, luggage a great deal more.

Apparel are usually tailor-made and variety in quality according to the price you are able to spend.

K-Pop collections

Almost all shopping malls have fixed selling prices however the major outside marketplaces like Namdaemun or Dongdaemun in Seoul offer you almost everything conceivable from popular brands to close perfect duplicate offs and it’s here for you to negotiate, just remember to know if you are negotiating on the imitation or a authentic item.

For merchandise, tourists must look for K-Pop collections…

Including outfits to collectable model celebrities, this kind of uniquely Korean trend makes for a genuinely unique gift.

For something a little more ethnic, the ginseng root, while probably the most pricy items you could take home, is famous around the world because of its healing components.

How to get discount in South Korea

Negotiating is normal in the marketplaces of South Korea but perfecting the skill of buying a bargain could be a challenge for anyone who comes from a country that isn’t familiar with variable rates.

duty free allowance for South Korea

Make sure to stay respectful and smile in the entire transaction and be willing to leave if the merchant will not move on a selling price.

Normally, if they feel you are no longer fascinated, they’ll chase when you with a better deal.

Is it safe for a solo girl to travel in South Korea?

Traveling To South Korea is very safe, even for single women, and is a destination that prides itself on its low criminal activity rank.

solo girl to travel in South Korea

Just like all over the world, females must take care when alone at night and needs to prefer taxis more than walking very late into the evening. Additionally it is best if you outfit cautiously if you wish to stay away from too much attention.

What’s the manners when going to temples in South Korea?

Tourists to temples in South Korea need to take out their boots or shoes also headwear previous to entering and should avoid capturing pictures except if they’re clearly granted authorization.

If you find a service going on, make sure to be well intentioned by staying noiseless.

temples in South Korea

Traditional costume is usually needed for people who wish to enter the temple, almost all of the important for females.

When exiting, it’s good approach to put a small donation within the collection tubs which will inevitably be there.

Using the following tips will help tourists to avoid mistakenly annoying someone and to integrate better in to Korean tradition.

Is South Korea a good family trip destination?

Having an amazing trains and buses system, very easy to get around metropolitan areas and a variety of social and physical adventures, there are few spots in the world as family-friendly as South Korea.

There are many children’s galleries and museums existing across Seoul as well as, kids are loved by Korean people.

Healthy eating while Traveling To South Korea

If you take your kids to a Korean restaurant, it’s not unusual for them to be taken care of like vips and provided a variety of toys, games and drawing tools to make sure they’re having fun.

For kids which have some energy to burn, a trip to one of Seoul’s several eco-friendly areas is a great way to enjoy a day.

The best is the Children’s Grand Park, that has outdoor play areas and also a not so big zoo park.

There’s also numerous interesting and colourful celebrations that happen across the nation all year round, which are ideal for members of the family of any age.

What is the duty free allowance for South Korea?

Tourists older than 19 are allowed to bring in these:

200 tobacco
60ml of fragrance
Additional products to the worth of USD $400

Here are prohibited from being imported: guns, replica products, narcotics and endangered varieties.

Travellers should never ship fake products because this is taken seriously and people trapped could be subject to a jail.

What’s the currency in South Korea?

The currency exchange of South Korea is the Won (KRW). Visit OANDA for the most current exchange rates.

get discount in South Korea

USD, Euro, PoundSterling as well as other major currencies could be changed into Won locally, you can also buy currency before you go.

Foreign transaction could be converted at foreign exchange banks as well as other authorized money changers.

Almost all major credit cards can be used in many restaurants, shopping mall and hotels.

What do things cost in South Korea?

South Korea has a term for becoming costly although this isn’t always true, there are definitely solutions to complement budgets throughout all points of the spectrum.

You’ll be able to get a good meal for about USD $10 and many Korean BBQs are all you can eat so when you emerge hungry, you must can get your money’s well worth.

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Taxis may be expensive in South Korea, especially in capital city Seoul, along with a short 3km drive usually priced at around USD $5 and also a taxi from the centre to the airport terminal charge close to USD $50.

…Thankfully, Seoul offers a inexpensive and efficient trains and buses system and a metro ride is as low as USD $1

What type of connects do I necessity for South Korea and what’s the voltage?

The voltage in South Korea is 220v. We advise that you carry a universal adaptor. Additionally, you will require a voltage converter to use U.S devices.

Is Wi-fi easily available in South Korea?

Sure. Hotels, restaurants, bars, cafes and also taxis offer free Wi-fi and you will find also many public spots existing in the Seoul.

KTX train in South Korea

The Korean government developed a project to spread out 10K free Wi-fi locations in South Korea so that you can be sure there’s a lot of online connectivity anywhere you’re in the city.

What is train in South Korea?

Train trip in South Korea is not difficult and economical but price are different extremely based on which kind of train you go for.

The best and most speedy of all of the trains is the KTX, that is an express train and can bring you from A to B in a short time however needs you to spend a premium ticket.

Some other trains, called slowpoke trains, include Mugunghwa and Saemaeul trains that are much slower but they are far more budget-friendly.

Basically the whole country is linked by train, which makes it a great choice for moving between towns and cities.

Tourists have the choice of getting a Korea Rail Pass (KR Pass), which allows limitless rail trip through all trains, including KTX trains.

However, travellers going with this KR Pass aren’t assigned seats so may be required to stand up at the time of your way.

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