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Top Travel Life Hacks & Tips

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I have currently been traveling the whole world. I’ve been to Bali, Brazil, Canada, Australia and my last final stop is Jakarta, and it’s been a fantastic trip.

Since I am traveling abroad, I thought what better to do and then all my ultimate travel life hacks and tips for you.

I have a list of tips, and life hacks that will help you out when you’re traveling abroad or even domestic doesn’t matter.

Travel Life Hacks

These are my best tips for you hope you find them helpful. Don’t forget to comment πŸ™‚

Travel Life Hacks No.1 – Check Your Flight Schedule

My first tip is always checking for your flight 24 hours before. I know this is typically what you’re supposed to do, but if you do this, you’re able to change your seat.

Check Your Flight Schedule

If they automatically select a seat for you, like you got a middle seat in the back row and you don’t want that.

Always check in 24 hours because that way you can adjust your seat and you can get a free upgrade.

Travel Life Hacks No.2 – Free Upgrade Seat

My next tip is if you are at the gate when you’re to boarding, and you don’t have the desired seat that you really want.

Free Upgrade Seat

What you can do is when at the gate, you can ask them if any available seats are left over.

The seat is not in the middle or the back because usually what they do is they will reserve a couple of seats for people who want to upgrade, and they’ll release this seats about 15 minutes before the fly.

They’ll give this seats free rein for anybody who wants.

If you want to upgrade or switch your seats, you can always ask the flight attendant or whoever’s working at the gate.

They will do it free of charge, that’s just a little a trick for you.

Travel Life Hacks No.3 – Use Cashback from Online Shopping

My next tip is crucial, it’s about Expedia.com and Ebates.com and taking advantage of both of those.

Expedia is a website where you can book hotels rental cars and your plan tickets through this website.

Get cahback from Online Shopping Order

Ebates is a website where you can get cash back by shopping online. Ebates works in conjunction with Expedia you can get 10 percent cash back when you purchase a flight or something through Ebates.

When you go to the site, it will pop up and show activate 10 percent cashback. You push that button, and when you make a purchase, you will get 10 percent cash back.

It is seriously great, and you get your money back which is so lovely.

So definitely take advantage of both of these together when you’re traveling.

Compare Rates for Ride

Travel Life Hacks No.4 – Compare Rates for Ride

Always compare uber versus lyft because each one has different rates.

So lyft may be cheaper, or uber may be cheaper. So don’t just settle for one, have both apps because they do have different rates and one may have a price search at one time when the other one may not.

Always check both of these before getting the ride.

Print Take Picture Your Passport

Travel Life Hacks No.5 – Print/Take Picture Your Passport

If you’re traveling abroad, always take a picture of your passport or print out a physical copy, because you never know what can happen.

You could lose it if someone steals it. So always print out a little extra copy or at least have some sort, like the picture of it on your phone.

Travel Life Hacks No.6 – Notify the Bank of Your Travel Plans

When you’re traveling, make sure your bank know that you’re going abroad.

So I’m signing with Wells Fargo, and I’m always able to let them know that I’m traveling abroad.

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You can pick which credit card you’re bringing with you if you don’t let them know, they might think that someone stole your credit card or someone trying to charge you.

so always let your bank know by calling them or doing it online.

I let my bank know that I’m traveling abroad and I love to know which cards I was bringing, so they don’t cancel your card when you’re abroad.

Travel Life Hacks No.7 – Don’t take money at ATM Airport

Only take out max $100. You don’t want to carry around with a bunch of cash because of the chances of being robbed.

They know you’re tourists and they’re going to target you a little bit more.

So don’t take out too much at the airport. The airport has higher conversion rates. They’re going to be charging you a little bit extra.

Always take money out on ATM or money changer but never at the airport because of the airport take advantage of tourists and people traveling, they charge higher.

Travel Life Hacks No.8 – Extra Outfit

My next tip is always to bring an extra outfit for your traveling.

I have learned this the hard way. So many times I’ve lost my suitcase about two or three times.

I’m always bringing an extra pair of underwear pants, full-on outfit, bring them together with some small toiletries.

Always pack that in case something happens to your suitcase.

To avoid your suitcase getting lost if you’re going to be traveling abroad, this is what I did which has been difficult.

Trying to fit it all on suitcase but if you’re going to be traveling abroad and you’re afraid of your suitcase getting lost, what you need to do is you need to be avoiding as many layers as possible.

Travel Life Hacks No.9 – Pick a Flight has Delay Times

If you’re going to be traveling abroad, try to pick a flight that has a layover and a little bit longer of delay time.

If your delay is too short, then they might have a hard time transferring your suitcase from one slide to the next, which results in your suitcase getting lost or stuck in another country.

If you’re going to be traveling abroad and you’re moving somewhere that has a really big time difference, take Melatonin for the next two hours before you land to the next place, so you don’t feel the effects of jet lag.

shoulder zipped up bag

Travel Life Hacks No.10 – Shoulders Zipped Up Bag

If you’re going to be traveling abroad like when I went to Paris, and everyone recommended me to get it over the shoulders zipped up bag than backpack bag.

If you’re going to be traveling abroad, You are usually targets for theft and pickpocketers.

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So when I was in Paris, everyone warned me about pickpocketers. I have a bag that’s over the shoulder so someone can’t just rip it off your shoulder and run away with your bag.

Always have it zipped up over your shoulder that way it lowers the chances of you being pickpocketed.

Travel Life Hacks – Map Offline

Travel Life Hacks No.11 – Map Offline

If you go to the country, and you’re not using the internet but you need a way to get around what you should do is before you leave is download the region or the country countries map offline.

When went to Turkey I wasn’t exactly sure what my phone provider service so what I did download each city map before go, that way I could still know where I was going.

I still get directions it offline, so do that but it does take some space off your phone.

Book a Flight on Wednesday

Travel Life Hacks No.12 – Book a Flight on Wednesday

My next tip is to try and travel on Wednesday.

Wednesday’s are a low traveled a majority of the time, so flights are a lot cheaper.

So when I’m going to France next in the 21st, I’m flying in on Wednesday.

I’m leaving on a Wednesday because that’s when the flights are the cheapest so always try and book a flight on Wednesday.

Travel Life Hacks No.13 – Urgent Instant Meal

Next tip is for you hungry people out there which is always mean what you can do is pack oatmeal.

Purchased some Quaker Oats packets and stuff four or five of these in your backpack.

You just need some hot water. So if you’re going to be traveling, you’re hungry, you want something to eat, you won’t be spending money.

Just ask a restaurant for a cup of hot water, pour your little open packet in it, and you have an instant meal.

I did this in Dubai, every morning when I woke up I just had a great delicious breakfast. It was free so do this-this will save you money and almost everywhere offer you hot water.

Electricity Converter for Traveller

Travel Life Hacks No.14– Electricity Converter

This another tip is for you ladies is using hair tools.

If you’re will be bringing a hair tool then you need a specific converter for heating tools.

I learned this the hard way was in London. I stuck my straightener in the outlet and what happened lost my straightener.

Travel Life Hacks No.15 – Internet Tethering

Recommend do this everyone to be traveling abroad – internet tethering. If your phone or your service provider allows you to get internet tethering.

I highly recommend it this has saved my life especially being a youtuber.

Internet tethering helped me so much traveling abroad because a lot of the time countries or places don’t have Wi-Fi, they charge you for Wi-Fi services spotty.

Internet Tethering

I’m able to get internet on my computer working off of my phones provider. So you basically make your phone into a little hotspot and you able to upload your videos.

Travel Life Hacks No.16 – Two Vacations in One Trip

This is the last and final tip basically what you should be doing if you’re not on a rush to get somewhere abroad is – you can take advantage of a very long layover, and you can make it into a second vacation spot.

For example on my way to Greece, I had a very long delay in London.

I had a friend who lived in London, and I stay with her one night. I got to explore London a bit, it wasn’t a very long trip, but I got to explore the city.

So if you can do, I recommend it. It’s a really cool way get two vacations out of one.

Those are all my travel tips, and I hope you found helpful beneficial. Let me know by comment below what was your most favorite Travel Life Hacks that you found useful and where do you want to travel.

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