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The Maldives Travel Destination – Travel Planning Tips

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Maldives Travel Destination

I received a lot of questions regarding some tips on how to pin a trip to the Maldives, so I decided to write this article.

I am going to try to keep this as short as possible, but I want to make sure that it’s short.

If I don’t cover something that you all have questions about, don’t hesitate to leave us a comment.

Best Time to the Maldives

I want to start off with the best time to go to the Maldives.

There are two seasons in the Maldives it’s a dry season and a rainy season which they call the monsoon season.

Best Time to the Maldives

The dry season is from November to April and the rainy season is from May to October.

I went during the beginning of the rainy season, and I didn’t experience much rain.

I think it kicks up somewhere down a lot of maybe June and July or whatever but if you go in May, you’ll experience great weather.

Visa to the Maldives

I want to discuss our visa requirements. So keep in mind, I’m talking about these requirements for u.s. Citizens.

If you’re not a US citizen, just make sure you research what your visa requirements are for your country entering the Maldives, but if you are US citizen, of course, you have to have a valid passport.

Make sure that it doesn’t expire within six months of travel.

Flight to the Maldives

You have to make sure that you have an onward or returning flight scheduled and make sure that you have sufficient funds.

They didn’t really check our funds, but if that does, it does include that and one of the visa requirements.

You don’t have to obtain a visa before traveling the Maldives; you’ll immediately get your visa free of charge when you land in the Maldives airport.

Don’t worry about getting it beforehand as long as you have all the other requirements you will be able to get in once you land.

No Alcohol Into the Maldives

Bringing alcohol into the Maldives is prohibited.

You know it’s a Muslim country just so this is a strict policy on bringing alcohol into the country.

Don’t bringing prohibited things in there because you’ll become skated by customs

Flight to the Maldives

Flights are going to vary depending on where you’re leaving from.

My flight total travel time flying time to get from the east coast to the Maldives is going to be approximately 18 hours.

Maldives Hotel and Bungalow

If you’re looking for a quick flight somewhere, this is not the country to visit. It’s going to take a lot to get there but believe me; it’s worth their arm shopping time.

I flew 14 hours to Dubai – I stayed in Dubai for a couple of days and then from Dubai Somalis it was a four-hour flight.

You can get to Dubai most cases from the East Coast two ways so you can stopover or layover and or you can layover in Sri Lanka so you can choose which is better for you.

Flight airlines always change their flight patterns, so maybe eventually there will be a nonstop flight.

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From the East Coast, I chose Emirates for our flight; you can choose any airline that that goes to the Maldives.

I chose Emirates, and I loved that airline and our experience there was a flight deal.

I received a round trip for our flight to the Maldives was $800, of course, it’s going to vary between what season you go.

If you are on a tighter budget, you might want to choose a location that’s closer to the airport because then you can do boat transfer.

You can spend anywhere in between $250 to $650 per person right your trip on a seaplane.

Maldives Hotel and Bungalow

I want to mention that next hotel – you can be as luxurious or as modest with the hotel that you choose.

Typically, people want to go to the Maldives because they see the pictures of the overwater bungalows.

They’re more expensive – have various options so that you can save money in the Maldives, you can choose a beach villa than the overwater bungalow.

The Maldives Bungalows

You can choose an overwater bungalow that does not have a pool versus having one with a pool.

I’ve heard some people that choose to stay with local families and then visit different resorts during the day.

They pay to visit resorts or some people that choose to do a boat transfer to a resort.

That’s closer to the airport that has less expensive rooms.

Typically for overwater bungalows, you’re going to spend around $800, and then they can go up a lot.

You can take advantage of everything, but it just depends on your budget and what you want to do.

Maldives Food and Drink

A lot of the products are imported, so drinks and foods are expensive.

Maldives Food and Drink

I think the cheapest thing that I saw in Maldives was about $20 to $25 and it’s like for a hamburger.

When you booked with the hotel, make sure you look at what type of perks they give.

The Maldives seems really expensive, and a lot of the more expensive places to go but there are ways that you can cut corners.

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