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How to Choose Travel Bag

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Do you like to travel?

I spend a lot of time living out of a suitcase. I can tell you the right luggage matters in this article.

I’m going to give you ten tips so that you can go out there and find the best luggage that’s going to suit your particular needs.

This is my perfect piece of luggage. This has been an ideal piece for me because for me as a busy professional someone that carries camera equipment, I wanted hard to cover.

I wanted hard luggage something that whether or not I’m traveling on a small commuter aircraft and I want to be able to protect my camera equipment.

Or if it’s, I wanted a size that was actually if I take it on a bigger aircraft they’re not going to have an issue, and it will fit in the overhead above.

genius pack luggageI just want my stuff can be protected, and if you’re wondering who made this bag, this is genius pack.

I have loved and used their gear and all the examples. I’m going to be using here are from genius pack.

I only recommend them because I love their gear it’s solid stuff but when you’re using the checklist and the information on putting out there you could apply this to anything.

I’m going to be I want a leather bag or I want something that’s going to be of a brighter color it’s going to have neon stripes on it so I can easily identify.

Whatever it may be, use this information to go out there and make the smart purchasing decision for your trip.

How to Choose Travel Bag

How to Choose Travel Bag – Buy The Right Size

To find the perfect piece of luggage, buy the right size.

I know the guys that sounds obvious but so many people go out there and they buy the wrong size.

What they often do is they buy something that’s too large and when you buy something that’s too large or even on the border what happens if you overstuff it.

I know we have and it’s just something is so frustrating when you’ve got to pay that extra money.

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Maybe you’re just going for a one day trip. Can you take a simple professional backpack which is going to hold your computer, hold one clothes and you’ll be fine?

I find that packing light and always trying to go with a smaller bag. Maybe it’s going to be something like a simple portfolio.

You’re going for a day trip. You’re not disappearing for a month.

But if you are disappearing for two weeks you’re going to travel; you may find that a bag like a genius pack and by packing an interchangeable wardrobe you’re going to get more.

Choosing the Right Travel Luggage

How to Choose Travel Bag – Make Sure. It Is Lightweight

Talking about weight which is point number two. You’ve got to make sure that your luggage is lightweight.

Now a lot of the nicer luggage the stuff that cost a bit more what you’re often paying for.

Made from materials they’re lightweight they’re going to save you money.

I remember I had one piece of luggage and this was for traveling internationally. I can get like 50 pounds, the piece of luggage itself was 20 pounds.

Can you imagine that? I mean I’ve already lost 40{b5963bcb0e7f4a3eb411e14cdbc4f6211b98231669ed6c0261e4e1ebc4b28d61} of the weight I can take on the airplane in the luggage.

How to Choose Travel Bag – Internal Capacity

Pay attention to the weight. Internal capacity that’s not the same as the dimensions, it would sound like it should be but internal capacity you want to open up the luggage you are looking.

They are not wasting space, not eliminating and making it so that you can open and you can use every available inch.

Sometimes you’ve got pieces of luggage they just create dead space; you want to avoid that.

Luggage Buying Guide

How to Choose Travel Bag – Luggage with Pouches

While we’re on the inside of the luggage, let’s look at pouches.

I like having a set number of pouches so that you can keep and have easy access to.

Other times you’ve got something you just don’t want to lose, you don’t want to get dropped into the luggage.

What I like about genius pack they’ve got these checklists for me make that individual item.

I like that they remind me actually to pack them. It’s something that I haven’t seen any other luggage company do.

I also like you’ve got compression straps and what that does? I can pack the luggage up; I can put the straps over.

When I open the luggage, and I forget something right there at the airport, I don’t have my clothing falling out.

How to Choose Travel Bag – Heavy Duty Zipper.

Next, to look at you want to make sure they use a heavy-duty zipper.

You need a zipper that is not going to get on-off.

You need a zipper that is made from steel that is almost overly built. You want that zipper to move smoothly.

How to Choose Travel Bag – Quality of Handles

Here’s a quick story about, my brother having a cheap piece of luggage where He bought. It looked nice, and He gave it to us.

I remember we were as soon as I picked it up for at the airport that handle just came right off.

So You need something you want to pull on and make sure this thing is not coming off.

Buy the Right Travel Backpack

How to Choose Travel Bag – Material

Next up let’s talk about the materials.

The luggage is made from leather. I love leather it’s a luxury material, and over time it can look better and better.

It can deal with a lot of beading, and it is just one of the most durable materials out there.

The issue with leather it can be marked and damaged, especially with something sharp.

It could cut right into the leather and then it’s going to be very difficult to repair.

Nylons and various synthetic materials are excellent. Especially those that are made with ballistic nylon, it’s got a solid stitch.

This is something that gets spilled on, usually cleaned very easily.

It’s going to be inexpensive, and it may be viewed as a bit cheaper.

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Hard luggage you’re going to see that made from metal. I like hard bags and the reason being is I take delicate equipment with me.

There are individual pieces out there you can pay a lot of money for, and they are going to be like incredible crush resistant.

How to Choose Travel Bag – Choose The Right Wheels

The most common kind we’re going to see are four and eight wheels. I like them both and have not noticed a difference.

I love when companies think through, and they create this smart, intelligent design whenever you go.

Whatever you buy, make sure that it suits your needs.

Use this information to find the perfect piece of luggage for you.

I think it’s better to spend a little bit of extra money on something that you love and every time you use you get great value.

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