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Tips for Visiting France – EXPLORE FRANCE

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Tips for Visiting France – I’ve started thinking about the different things between the United States and France, that you need to keep an eye out for or you need to be prepared for there are many things that are similar but it’s always the small things that will throw you off or that could potentially ruin your experience.

Tips for Visiting France

Tips for Visiting France – Aware of Dog Poop

If you’re not aware of them, okay so the first and probably the most annoying thing is dog poop.

You would never think of it but dog poop, for some reason there is no public shaming or public guilt in letting your dog poop on the ground, and then just walking away like cleaning up after your dog is not a common responsibility here, of course there are people who do it but you if you visit France you need to keep an eye on the ground and watch where you are going because if not you might slip and slide and not funny.

Tips for Visiting France – Limited Hours on Sunday

The second thing to be aware of is that places are either closed or have very limited hours on Sunday, so I know that in the US, I use Sunday as a day to run errands and if you’re traveling to France you may use this as another day to explore and adventure.

But you have to be aware that everything will not be open and plan accordingly another thing that threw me off when coming to France, especially being part of the younger generation in the United States.

Tips for Visiting France - Limited Hours on Sunday

Tips for Visiting France – Pay in Cash

I like to pay for everything with card, I never use physical cash but that is definitely not as common here and in France. They prefer to pay in cash and sometimes if you have a card without a chip or sometimes even if you do, you may not be able to use it here.

So it’s good to either bring along some cash with you or I say bring an ATM card that doesn’t have any withdrawal fees in foreign places and just take out the amount of cash you need at the beginning of each day it is better to be safe.

You do not want to eat dinner completely finish try to pay with your card and then it is declined because they don’t accept card or your card cannot be read for some reason.

The cards that I use are the capital one journey credit card which has a chip in it and zero foreign transaction fees, these are great if you are coming for a short amount of time.

Tips for Visiting France - Pay in Cash

Tips for Visiting France – Longer Than Three Month? – Open French Bank Account

If you’ll be here more than three months or more than six months it’s easier to open a French bank account, well another thing to be aware of is unlike some other European countries you may visit.

The English is not always readily spoken by everyone if you’re visiting more touristy places, of course, many people will speak English but as you start to venture out away from these areas expect to have to either try to speak in French or to be patient and to speak slowly and simply if you have to use English do not just stammer off or roll up your words, be patient, English is not a strong language here.

In America we pay a lot of respect to cars when you’re a kid you always see these PSA about like drunk driving or you know always are supposed to follow the cross walk symbols, they really drill into you.

Pay attention and to be safe when you are crossing the street that’s not really a thing here people will walk like directly in front of cars or directly in front of a tram and not think anything of it it’s the pedestrians.

I would say have a little more right-of-way here or they’re just more ballsy but if you’re visiting. I would not suggest this, I think you need to be safe and follow rules but if you see a French person just dart in front of traffic – do not be shocked.

Tips for Visiting France – The Differences Restaurant – US vs France

The last thing I want to cover are some differences when you go out to eat at a restaurant in France versus the United States.

Just be aware that customer service in France is not quite the same as customer service in the US when you go out to eat at a restaurant in the US the waiter or the waitress is typically very attentive they’re paying attention to their needs, they want to make sure that you are 100% satisfied.

It is not necessarily the same in France, if you need your check you need to ask for it if, you need more water you need to ask for it, so you need to grab the waiters attention and also another thing is service isn’t in the bill. So you do not have to tip in my opinion this may be a reason why the customer service here is a little different from in u.s.

In u.s. a large part of their income for a waiter or waitress comes from tips, so they must work extra hard to make sure that you leave a tip, in France they don’t receive income from tips and it’s not very common to leave a tip after a meal.

If you do it I would only leave it for an exceptional meal and maybe a couple of euros not like we do in the US.

Restaurant Portions

Another thing to be aware of with restaurants here is the portions are typically a lot smaller and doggie bags are not always an option. I found that when we go out to eat pizza most people order an individual pizza for themselves and you’re able to get the leftovers put in foil but for other restaurants, doggy bags are not really a thing.

All right guys that is it for today if you want to read more articles like this make sure to share this article. If you have ideas for other articles or things you want to know about France from my experience please leave me a comment down below and if you visited France with more I want to know some of the weird differences you have found between it and your home country.

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