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Visiting Dubai On A Budget – Dubai Travel Tips

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Dubai Travel Tips – In this article, I’m going to tell you about the top five things that you should do in Dubai.

First of all, I’m just telling you the things I’ve done – I visited the top of Burj Khalifa, I rented a quad bike, I did a hot air balloon ride, I did a desert safari tour, and I did jet skiing fly board.

Dubai Travel Tips

If you are planning to do any of these activities here is my in-depth review and also my honest opinion about them.

I will tell you what you will do in these activities, and then I will give my personal experience to these events.

I do it on a scale from one to ten, and the other thing you should know, this article is not sponsored by anyone.

I do not get paid by any of these companies so that I will tell you my honest opinion about these events.

Burj Khalifa Tower – Dubai Travel Tips

The Burj Khalifa at the top. When you go there, you will see the history of the Burj Khalifa that means you will be guided with some television screens and you will see like how they made the Burj Khalif.

Burj Khalifa Tower - Dubai Travel Tips

When you are at the top, you can go to gift shops and buy some presents and of course you will have a beautiful view over Dubai from the Burj Khalifa.

My personal rating and I think people will hate me for this, but it’s just a 7 out of 10.

Why? You pay like 200 dirhams but the only thing you get is like the view over Dubai, and that’s pretty much.

You come there you will like either at one hour I think, and you will probably do some pictures and to tell your friends that you there on the Burj Khalifa right and that’s it.

It takes so much time up, I think it’s not perfect, but it’s just my opinion.

I think it like it’s just not fun to look over Dubai, Sorry, but that’s the truth.

Rental Quad Biking – Dubai Travel Tips

You will drive to the location by yourself you rent some quad bikes or a buggy and then you will ride into the desert, go up the sand mountains and it is such a nice trip.

Rental Quad Biking - Dubai Travel Tips

My personal rating is a 7 out of 10 and here’s why.

It’s just super simple, but it’s just super fun. You can do it with your friends; you get there you can choose the vehicle that you want to drive.

I would recommend taking a quad bike, we got lucky we tested every vehicle, and we all concluded that the quad biking is the most fun.

But I have to tell you; You need to be strong.

I’m sorry, it is not easy to ride this quad bike, and what I would recommend if you’re a couple either take a buggy or ask them if your girlfriend could sit in the back, they mostly have no problem with that.

Air Ballooning in Dubai – Dubai Travel Tips

The things you will get, they will pick you up and drop you off at your location.

You will drive into the desert and included the breakfast.

You will see how a hot air balloon gets inflated then they will tell you how to behave in the hot air balloon.

Air Ballooning in Dubai - Dubai Travel Tips

Then you get with other people into the balloon you will see the desert from above it’s super quiet, up in the air it has a fantastic atmosphere there.

You will also see the Sun Rise the last thing that you will get is a certificate that you did the right.

My personal rating I would give it just an 8 out of 10. Why?

Don’t get me wrong; it was a fantastic trip. I have to say that, but for me, it wasn’t that amazing, because I was there alone.

I was there filming and stuff, but it’s just such a couple thing because like you get up in the air and it’s super romantic, and if you are alone it’s just not that kind of fun.

Also, you see only the desert, and I think it’s sorry, but I think it’s just boring to see just the dunes when you’re above them.

It’s not a thing that is really exciting.

The cool parts but are just taken off the ground and also like seeing the Sun Rise.

You will also not be able to move because there are some safety belts and you will get strapped on.

You know you won’t have much space to move, but I still would recommend doing it if you are a couple or a family.

Desert Safari Tour – Dubai Travel Tips

It was just the best thing. What included? You will get picked up, and you will also get a drop off at your location.

You will do some dune bashing in a 4×4 vehicle then you will get into the desert camp.

Desert Safari Tour - Dubai Travel Tips

You will always have a lot of opportunities to take some nice pictures into in the dunes.

When you’re in the camp you can get some free henna tattoos you will always get three non-alcoholic drinks.

You can have a shisha for free you can also go to the campfire, and you can even ride a camel for free.

The things you can do for free is taking a quad bike or doing the sand boarding, but you just pay some dirham, and I don’t know how much, but it’s not very expensive.

In the evening there will be a lot of shows like a belly dancer, fire show and of course they will provide you with some barbecue.

My personal rating is just a 10 out of 10.

I would recommend doing this for everybody who comes to Dubai.

You always have stuff to do and much fun, and then you can decide to the camels or do some quad bikes.

Relax and sit at the shisha bar, go to the campfire or drink something and you get some good food.

it was such a nice atmosphere you just forget everything around you and do it if you come to Dubai.

Watersports Flyboard – Dubai Travel Tips

You’ll ride a superfast jet ski you will have a nice view on the board al-Arab, and you will also have a lot of fun, or you can do the fly board, and you will learn how to balance yourself on a subject thing.

My personal rating is an 8 out of 10.

Watersports Flyboard - Dubai Travel Tips

I really like jet ski driving, I also like doing it with my friends, and it’s such an excellent group activity.

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I really would recommend doing this, what I don’t recommend doing is like the flyboard because it’s nice, but you will need time to learn the skill to balance yourself.

You also you will fall off into the water and trust me it hurts a little bit but the thing why I wouldn’t recommend doing it is because you are doing it alone and all of your friends are just watching.

Hop On Hop Off Tour – Dubai Travel Tips

Hop-on Hop-off tour on a bus is great because you will see almost everything in Dubai. You can always leave the bus if you want to look at it more in detail it depends.

But you can take it like for one or two days and then you just drive around Dubai and see everything.

You will also learn stuff about the history, you get some earplugs, and then they tell you and when they made this, how it was built, etc.

My personal rating is an 8 of 10. It’s just a nice trip for a day or two.

Hop On Hop Off Tour - Dubai Travel Tips

Marina Dhow Cruise – Dubai Travel Tips

Marina Dhow Cruise was great – you will see the marina in Dubai you will also get some non-alcoholic drinks for free and you will just have a super chill atmosphere, and it’s quite lovely.

My personal rating is a 7 out of 10. I think it’s just super cool you will just ride the waves, the wind will blow in your face, and you will see all this crazy architecture and these nice buildings.

It’s just one hour, and I think you should do it. Marina is one of my favorite spots in Dubai.

Helicopter Flight – Dubai Travel Tips

You will be picked up from the hotel then you will see Dubai from above and you will have like a 15-minute flight, and my personal rating is a 4 out of 10. why?

It’s quite nice to see Dubai from above, but it’s just too expensive people pay 802 dirhams and you will just get picked up then you arrive there, then they will tell you how to behave.

Helicopter Flight - Dubai Travel Tips

After that, you get into the helicopter, and it’s super shaky. It’s not very easy to make pictures, and then you can’t hear anything.

You can’t talk to your friends, You get a headset but it it’s just so noisy.

After the 15 minutes is done and you paid a lot of money.

I really don’t recommend doing this it takes up too much time and you can to do something else at this time.

But as always this is just my opinion consider that when you are making a trip to Dubai.

I know there are a lot of other things you could do in Dubai, but I was here on a budget, so I didn’t do like the really cool stuff like skydiving or taking the zip line or going skiing in the Mall of Emirates.

But maybe when I come next time, I will do it. I love the city anyways; I hope you liked the article and please comment below.

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