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Top 10 Places to Visit in Singapore

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Singapore is a tropical island country located in Southeast Asia. Being the world’s second most prosperous country after Qatar.

Singapore is very clean and safe, offering a superb quality of air and of course a lot of beautiful landmarks to discover.

The following is my top 10 for Singapore spots to see.

Gardens by the Bay – No.1 Top Places in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay one of the most impressive and creative gardens in the world.

Gardens by the Bay – Top 10 Places in Singapore

Gardens by the Bay is one of Singapore’s top locations and some points you can see here, the flower dome, the cloud forest, the supertrees and several gardens over the property.

The supertrees are living and breathing statues riving on top of the landscapes.

For impressive viewpoints go up to the top of these supertrees and walk along the 22-meter large air walkway. Known as a skyway to enjoy the Marina Bay Spot plus a bird’s-eye view.

Singapore's Chinatown – Top 10 Places in Singapore

Singapore’s Chinatown – No.2 Top Places in Singapore

In the center of Singapore’s Chinatown, it’s an excellent spot to try and do some gift shopping, try to eat some local Chinese food and walk around.

Hawker Centers – No.3 Top Places in Singapore

After we explore the spot, we will go to on the list of the city’s most famous – Hawker centers.

The best parts about traveling to Singapore is to eat local foods, which means exploring any food center.

Hawker Centers

Hawker centers set with booths of Malaysian, Chinese and Indian foods.

I recently experienced a roasted chicken with brown rice, a slice seafood noodle, plus an apple juice for around Ten Singapore; it’s very inexpensive compared to going to a local restaurant.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel – No.4 Top Places in Singapore

The Marina Bay Sands Hotel is indeed one of Asia’s most famous architectural structures and most renowned infinity pool.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel – Top 10 Places in Singapore

To visit the swimming pool you must be a guest of the hotel, but you can go through amazing views from the sky Park observation terrace or bars on the 57th floor.

Singapore Zoo – No.5 Top Places in Singapore

The zoo was founded in 1973, and this year they’re celebrating their 45th anniversary.

I’m going to take a quick tour of the zoo park to see a number of the Asian wildlife, and then after that, I will visit the newest attraction the River Safari.

Orang Utan

I’m going to see the Pandas, White Tiger, Turtle, etc.

Singapore Zoo park was the pioneer zoo in the world to have free walking around for Orang Utan.

The River Safari can be found next to the Singapore Zoo park. It’s really an amazing discover some of the world’s most extensive river systems, similar to the Nile and the Mississippi.

I was especially enthusiastic to see the big panda forest.

Thian Hock Keng Temple- Top 10 Places in Singapore

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Thian Hock Keng Temple – No.6 Top Places in Singapore

This temple built in 1840 using the best components from China back then. Later in 1973 announced a national monument by Singapore and one of the prettiest temples in the city, everyone can come here and free.

Orchard Road Singapore’s – No.7 Top Places in Singapore

Orchard Road Singapore’s high-end shopping district, on this road, is over and hundreds of stores. If you love you to buy some designer brand, it’s the place to do it.

Orchard Road Singapore's – Top 10 Places in Singapore

Orchard Road is the primary tourist destination, and when you look around, you can understand.

The Paragon is the most popular shopping center, with stores like Burberry, Gucci, Prada, etc.

Singapore Flyer – No.8 Top Places in Singapore

Singapore Flyer is the world’s largest sized gigantic remark wheel. Singapore Flyer is the best way to get a bird’s-eye view of the entire city of Singapore.

Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer wheel has 28 tubes, each and every tube is 28 persons, and it normally takes Twenty-eight min’s to do a full rotation.

This rotation is all based on a Chinese lucky number.

From this capsule you have incredible views of everything, right behind you can view Gardens by the Bay, The Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Skyline and incredible views of the port.

When you come to Singapore, you have to visit the Singapore Flyer.

Little India - Top 10 Places in Singapore

Little India – No.9 Top Places in Singapore

Little India is where the Indian society settled, survive and business about Two centuries. Presently is an economic area.

They have transformed most of these properties into cafes, retail stores, jewelry outlets, office spaces and it’s a great place to get a little taste of Indian culture, also buy some gold from reputable dealers.

Singapore’s Changi – No.10 Top Places in Singapore

Singapore’s Changi Airport is another unforgettable place.

You really should get a layover in this place, because of the number of areas you can find to try.

Singapore's Changi

From a butterfly garden, shopping mall, restaurants, resting areas, movie show or outdoor fish pool, etc.

Changi is my personal favorite international airport in the world.

You have my top ten for Singapore, what exactly are your best destinations? Why not comment or share this post with your friend that has a plan to Singapore. thanks

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