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Bangkok Travel Tips You Should Know

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Bangkok Travel Tips You Should KnowBangkok city of drunken pleasures city of blow your skirt of delicious food city of temples, the city of life if you’re traveling to Thailand or even Southeast Asia.

In general, there’s a good chance you’ll begin your trip in Bangkok. I have to be honest, the first time I visited this wild city I was not a fan too loud too frenetic a dizzying mass of drunken tourists, noisy traffic, and scam artists, but I did it wrong and upon further visits, I realized that underneath the seedy stereotypes.

Bangkok Travel Tips

This is a wonderful city full of ancient beauty truly incredible food and some of the friendliest people. You’ll need this city rocks so sit back let me show you how to Bangkok the right way.

Bangkok Travel Tips #1 – How to Get Around.

This city is huge, I mean massive but it’s surprisingly easy to navigate when you know how to BTS train system Start getting to the city, from the airport is super easy and remarkably cheap.

  • Just follow the signs to the train
  • Select the stop closest to where you’re staying
  • Putting the money
  • Collect your plastic coin you were good to go

Once you’re in the city, you have a few ways to get around the cheapest is the BTS train system for usually under 42 baht (USD1.2), it’s very cheap and useful but can sometimes get a little crowd.

Helpful hints the ticket machines only take coins, so unless you want to wait in lines to get changed by a rechargeable rabid card it saves a lot of time.


The second way to get around is taxis, also extremely cheap but very important when getting in a taxi if the driver tries to offer you a set rate do not let them always. I repeat always go by the meter, I guarantee you it will be cheaper they only drawback the taxi is you have to contend with the Bangkok traffic.

Motorcycle Taxi

The third way to get around the city is a motorcycle taxi, very good for avoiding the aforementioned traffic. Just you know you’re getting on the back of a little bike with a stranger in a city full of crazy traffic.


I understand, if you didn’t feel comfortable of course when the final and arguably most fun way to get around Bangkok is a tuk-tuk, because they don’t run on a meter they’ll be more expensive but you can barter the ring and even if they are a little more expensive they’re just plain fun, however, they can try and scam you which incidentally leads me.


Bangkok Travel Tips #2 – SCAM

When I first arrived in Bangkok, one of the main reasons I didn’t love the city is because I felt like everyone was trying to scam me, but once I knew the tricks I learned they’re easy to avoid and I had a much better experience.

The first scam is the tuk-tuk driver scam, if a tuk-tuk driver offers to take you on a tour of temples for what seems like an unreasonably cheap price do not go they may eventually get you to your destination first they’re going to drive you to a jewelry store or a hack tailor shop where you’ll be hard sold on buying overpriced you don’t need because the drivers get a kickback Commission on anything you buy at these places.

You want an actually amazing suit go to Rajas in the corner of Soi 8 and Sukhumvit it’s not the cheapest place in town but for about five hundred bucks you can get a fantastic a spoke suit that we easily cost you 2 to 3 thousand dollars in the US, plus you get to pretend like you’re the baby of David Caruso and Derek Zoolander.

Another oddly very popular scam if somebody stops you on the street and tells you that the attraction or temple that you’re going to see is closed but they’ll take you somewhere even better it is not closed trust the hours that you find online.

Bangkok Travel Tips #3 – Hotel

An as far as places to stay in the city there are a lot of great options from dirt cheap to very expensive my favorite place to stay is a great little hotel. My buddy recommended me on SOI for and so compared the blanket vein in for a great room with a big bed nice bathroom and the most wonderful staff. You could imagine it’ll run you about thirty-five bucks a night.

If you’re looking for the cheapest backpacker type accommodation head to the famous Khao San Road, a crowded street where the only locals are really street vendors, selling cheap suits and sweet little old ladies, selling bracelets that say things like a wish master stay here if you must, but please please do not let this be your only experience of Bangkok.

Chatuchak Market

Bangkok Travel Tips #4 – Chatuchak Market

If you’re in Bangkok over the weekend you have to visit the Chatuchak weekend market a massive market spanning an area the size of seven football fields this market will blow your mind.

Get there take the BTS train at the most station all of the throngs of people to try to track park and enter the sprawling market. Here you will find art a vast array of tasty street food, sometimes you might need things you probably don’t need.

Bangkok Travel Tips #5 – Chao Phraya River

Take a trip on the river in many ways the Chao Phraya River is the beating heart of the city and many of the locals still live and commute along the river and its many canals, just make sure to watch out for these snakehead fish valiant and lizards.

Also, make sure to take one of the longtail boats the other options are cheaper but they will take forever.

Bangkok Travel Tips #6 – Food

I’ve traveled the world and Bangkok is one of my two or three favorite places to feed your street food is king it’s fresh it’s plentiful and don’t listen to the pamphlets you travel to doctor’s review to tell you not to eat the street food not to eat any food serve anything fun I’ve eaten street food in the city from years and I’ve never once gotten sick.

In fact, the only time I remember getting truly sick from food was the night that I ate two bags of sugarfree gummy bears in one sitting.

Some of my favorite places to eat Bangkok are a super bit here you can find everything from heavenly noodle soups to delectable curry and even fried bugs also the area where Victory Monument is busy with commuters and full of great food options.

Chinatown is arguably the best street food in the city a wonderful mix of Chinese and Thai Ceylon.

Particularly Charm Road also a great neighborhood but to be honest you can find it orgasmic food everywhere you go.

My personal recommendation, a place is busy especially with locals, it’s usually a good sign if I had to choose one must hit restaurant in the city

Very popular tips they have perfected the noodle dish for which Thailand is most famous, I played a perfect noodle wrapped in a paper-thin omelet I wanted to rub some of my hair to save for later.

Finally for dessert make sure to try the sticky coconut rice with mango, show me a desert in the US better than this and I will chop off my own leg and let you feel to me haha.

Bangkok's enchanting floating markets

Bangkok Travel Tips #7 – Floating Markets

If you have a few days make sure to save one of them for a day trip to any of Bangkok’s enchanting floating markets. There are many options but my personal favorite is the empower floating market about an hour and a half outside the city Bangkok.

Second busiest market it’s a nice mix of tourists and locals there are a few ways to get there including all-inclusive tours that cost upwards of 50 bucks but the cheapest way is to catch a minibus from Victory Monument.

The minivans aren’t fancy that they’re air-conditioned and it will literally only cost you about five dollars round trip. Once at the market you can explore on your own buy amazing seafood fresh produce delicious snacks and enjoy a truly unique and wonderful lunch experience.

Take a seat on the stone steps leading down to the water and watch them cook your food in the boats, they’ll pass your food up and you can dig in on some of the best food I’ve had in Thailand.

My favorite dish is a simple mix out of a fried egg called Yan Kai.

Bangkok Travel Tips #8 – Temple

Bangkok is a sprawling hectic and busy city but it also has some of the most awe-inspiring temples in Asia, makes sure to hit the Grand Palace it’s been the official residence of the kings of Siam since 1782 surrounded by four walls it is 2.3 million square feet and every inch of it astounding.

Make sure to take this requisite picture at Wat Trai Mit you can see a ten foot tall magnificent golden buddha and across the river is the gorgeous water room covered in scaffolding.

Do nā€™t miss Wat Pho in giant 30-foot high 150-foot long reclining budda it’s one of the most impressive sights I’ve ever seen.

Bangkok Travel Tips Temple

Lastly, make the hike to the top of golden mount for a beautiful temple and some great views Bangkok really is a gorgeous City, make sure to slow down and take it all in they call Thailand the land of a million smiles, warmest friendliest and most helpful people you will meet anywhere in the world.

Spend time with them sit down and eat with them get to know them you may be excited to see all of the sights Thailand has to offer, but I promise you the lasting memories you take home will be if the people you met along the way.

Finally, take my suggestions you like doing the ones that don’t seem for you to skip them and just explore on your own no matter where you go I promise you at the very least you will not be bored.

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