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5 Top Snacks To Eat In Hong Kong

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Top Snacks in Hongkong – In today’s article, I will be sharing with you my top five food and top for dessert recommendations in Hongkong.

You might want to grab a snack, while you read this article because you might get a little hungry.

If you haven’t been there before I hope you find this article super duper helpful and if you liked it, please leave a comment.

Fast Food - Top Snacks in Hongkong

First, we’re going to start with the basics.

Fast Food – Top Snacks in Hongkong

Fast food everywhere, I ate it almost every single day for lunch.

I love these fast food because they’re actually a full meal and I get full of them and the price super inexpensive and you can find everywhere in Hongkong.

Typical HongKong Style Cafes

If you’re in Causeway Bay, you can try Tsui Wah. If you’re in Wan Chai you have to go to the Hongkong style cafe called Kam Fung, or in Cantonese Kam Fung, You can try iced lemon tea here, is so bomb, it’s delicious, the best I’ve ever had. You have to visit this place.

Typical HongKong Style Cafes

Another restaurant worth visiting if Wan Chai is called the Lung Fung cafe. If you have much time in Hongkong, you should go to the Australia Dairy Company. They’re well known for the scrambled eggs and their milky taste.

Spend most of my time in Mong Kok, because gave me a lot of opportunities to go out, explore the streets and look for food.

Some of my favorite food restaurants are in Mong Kok.

My recommendation is the $18 noodle place.

Asian Hong Kong dollars are only three US dollars that are $3 for a bowl of noodles.

That will make you full, and if you aren’t complete, you can get another one at this just six dollars.

Wonton Noodle – Top Snacks in Hongkong

Wonton noodle is $18 but the beef brisket which is the one that I get all the time is $21 which is still super inexpensive and yummy.

I forget the restaurant’s name, but I can guide you how to get there.

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So if you’re Mong Kok, you exit D2 from the MTR, and then you’re going to be walking Eastbound on Argyle Street.

I can’t remember if it’s your first or second left as you’re walking down this Argyle Street.

French Toast - Top Snacks in Hongkong

French Toast – Top Snacks in Hongkong

If you have much time, try the next place I recommend up here in Mong Kok is Kam Wah.

I went alone back to this place four times, just for their French Toast.

You should try the French Toast; It is delicious. I always ask for condensed milk; it’s so yummy.

Again, if you’re in Mong Kok and you’re craving for some fried fritters or congee.

Dessert – Top Snacks in Hongkong

Sea View Congee is the best place to get desserts.

My next recommendation is a little bit pricey but I think it’s still something that is worth giving a try it’s called Paradise Dynasty and they have a location in Causeway Bay.

If you’re in Causeway Bay, there are two places that you should be giving a try, and these desserts are more of the typical Hong Kong style desserts.

I prefer the steamed milk, but they’re both really yummy, and I think you should give both a try.

Cheese Tart – Top Snacks in Hongkong

My next to dessert recommendations are my favorite things in the entire world.

Top Snacks in Hongkong

Anyone who was with me in Hong Kong would know this because I would regularly be eating it. I don’t care helpful I was I would be grabbing these and recommending everyone to have it.

Everyone would know that I loved the cheese tart and the street waffle.

If you like cheesecake or cream cheese or just cheese, the cheese start is perfect for you.

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I can’t describe to you how delicious it is, you just have to try it for yourself and the saddest part, honestly is when I finish eating it like that last bite I feel so sorry, but that’s why I kept going for more a little bit pricey it comes up to about $4 a piece.

But it’s honestly so worth it, they’re so delicious that you’re going to want to pay this money for it.

I hope you enjoyed this article and thanked you so much for reading my blog and I’ll see you in my next Hong Kong article.

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